About me

I don't even really know what to say. I'll just introduce myself, I suppose.

 My name is Stephanie and I'm a seventeen - almost eighteen - year old girl from Melbourne, Australia. I'm in my final year of high school which I'm pretty damn excited about though it's scary to think about the real world beyond the constraints and confinements of high school. Gotta dream big, guys or you'd get nowhere.

I obviously like reading (or I wouldn't be making this blog in the first place...) and I read a hell lot of books, so I thought, what's better than making a book review blog to share my opinion on the latest releases? My niche is definitely Young Adult or New Adult and my preferred genre is contemporary romance. I'm all for reading dystopian or fantasy, however I'm just a wee bit picky about what fantasy/dystopian books I read - I like them to have a human edge or I just can't be absorbed in the story at all.

I judge and read books. I'm a fairly shallow person, I often discard books if they have a boring looking cover or a shitty blurb but I'd read it if I had to.

Considering this is my first time making a blog I intend to get pretty serious about, this should be interesting. So let's go.

You can contact me through email: itsstephanie95@gmail.com or through my Goodreads account here.

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